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Everyman should be penetrated…

Amity Jack guy in bedNow I know a lot of things – some more valuable than others – but I would have to say that Tom Ford nailed this one right on the head! I’ve always said, “Don’t dog it until you’ve tried it.” Penetrating a man and being penetrated is a one of a kind experience. Depending on the person it can be a pleasant experience or a not so pleasant one, but an experience none the less. I would challenge all men to think “long” and “hard” about this very sound advice. Who knows maybe you’ll even like it.

Check out Tom Fords advice.

And when that time is right and you’re ready for that great big adventure awaiting you… make sure you are ready. Amity Jack can make that experience a little better with a few good tools to help you along the way…because as you know, we believe in being penetrated (even if it’s just for science).

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