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6 Things You Didn’t Know Lube Was Good For


Improve Performance

As much as we love a good performance in bed and need some good lube to get things started, we also like to perform on the race course! A little lube goes a long way especially on those chafing nipples and inside the thighs around mile 6. Lube can be a great moisturizer to keep the burn away in more...


Shine Your Shoes

Have an old pair of shoes in the closet that are super dusty and dull looking that you want to wear out on the town? Well dab a little Amity Jack on them with a rag and rub in gently. Before long you’ll be shiny as new. Caution: don’t apply to the bottom of the shoe or you might not be bottoming...


Sexual Massage

Silicone lube works great for long sexual massages because it doesn’t absorb into the skin. It keeps the friction down and the hands working. A back massage, if your lucky, will turn into a front massage.


Shaving Cream Alternative

You have to try this one to believe it. But after you do I think you will like it. Silicone lube creates a nice barrier to the skin to keep the friction low. Plus it leaves the skin feeing great after.


Price Tag Remover

Apply a little lube to the price tag and watch the lube make all that stickiness melt away. Then just pull off and wash with water and a little soap.


Rediscover The Art of The Hand Job

Sometimes a hand job is done out of necessity. If it is, make it a little more exiting with a lubricant.


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